Round up

Hasn't September come to an end quickly?

I'm no further forward on the new album. Well, I am in my head but I still have to find the time to record.

Plenty of new ideas for future projects. Bridge Street is about to get going again, in more directions (possibly) than it has before. The only other Soul Beaver gig of the year is now not happening (boo!) but an extra project (studio based) should come about if I can persuade someone of its merits.

The good news is that dayjob 2.0 is giving me enough time out of the working day to read books again. Being a college based English teacher was great and challenging, but I never seemed to have a moment to think. Now I am working my way through books for the sheer pleasure of reading. This lets me go back to my old habit of reading a wide range of subjects, which was quite hard when I had to focus on literature. Hurrah for brain food.

This year's been a good one for my photography habit. I've won some competitions, been in an exhibition and even sold a few prints. I'm going to try and experiment with a new lens and a different philosophy of how I take pictures soon. Best of all I'm off with pals to see the Annie Liebowitz exhibition in London.

What else? Freya is now 15 months old and forming a distinct personality. Uh-oh, as her friend would say.

So, healthy family, great pals, stuff a-plenty to keep the brain going. Could there even be a dark side... ah.


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