Musicians are often generous with their talents. I've been delighted this week with the response I got from Gary Willis, bassist from Tribal Tech and a thousand sessions. He is one of those rare bassists whose tone is evident from just a few notes. I enjoy his playing a lot and have, for a year or so been meaning to learn the bass line to a Dennis Chambers track called 'Otay.' It features a wonderful, bubbling intro and I haven't been able to crack it. So, in a moment of inspiration I wrote an email to Mr Willis, only to get a reply a few days later. His main response though was to post a video on YouTube so I (and any other interested parties) could see how it was done. Gary Willis - a star!

I'm usually happy to play bass with whoever asks, if I have time and don't expect the experience to be miserable. I've been asked cover a fellow bassist's gigs and have said yes. But last night I remembered covering in this same band some years ago and being treated coldly by my 'fellow' musos. I wasn't part of their gang, I suppose but in the bands I'm a regular part of we tended to welcome guests. I'm still going to play for them but I feel like my guard is already up, and that can't be good.


RPM again

Just a quick note to say the RPM Challenge page has been updated. You can visit here.


The Chiquitita Moment

Yesterday and today I've been getting up to date with dayjob paperwork. Today I also spent a few hours digging the garden and moving turf and topsoil around in a wheelbarrow.

Tonight, I tried to watch Mama Mia on DVD but it only reminded me why I don't like (most) musicals. No subtly, awful shoe-horning of songs into plot, terrible plot and, in this case, a hugely talented cast and beautiful scenery, wasted. Couldn't get past thirty minutes. The Chiquitita moment will live on as an example of brain-numbing awfulness. I shouted out "No!" as Julie Walters sang/spoke the song which made NO SENSE WHATSOEVER!!! Ugh! I need a shower.


More musicking

I've been playing and recording original music tonight, which is a joy to do. I'm missing playing with loud guitars and real drums though. Soon. Soon.


Running Shoes

Running Shoes
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2009 is my Year of the Challenge. More by accident than by design.
First I decided to take part in a 365 project on Flickr.
Then, I took part in the RPM Challenge - making an album during February.
Next, in order to get fitter (and despite my best instincts) I've taken up running again. Three times a week. It didn't take long to find that you can't run well in tennis shoes, so today I put some birthday and christmas money together and bought these. Nike Super Extreme Gizmo Pro-Normal... oh, who cares. They're running shoes. I'm going for a run.



3000 African children die every day because of malaria. This is preventable. Even if you can't stand Red Nose Day, think about donating.


Music update

The new Spingere album, 'Perfetc' is now available at MusicZeit and iTunes (just search for Spingere. iTunes now has both albums but I'm hoping to get the MusicZeit page up to date soon. The album I made for the RPM Challenge is going to be trimmed into an EP and sold there as well.

Now, I promised not to record any of my own music until May. Partly to see what effect that would have and partly to give me a chance to focus on other people's music. So, now I'm playing bass on Russell Kilmister's Eclipse project (Album and shows), bass and vocals for some Bridge Street shows (TBA) and some depping gigs (on bass) in July and, possibly, later this month. At least one of these will be a festival gig. I'll keep you posted.

The new album is starting to sell, which I'm really pleased about, especially as I still haven't done any promo work.



We've moved into Thursday so technically this is my birthday. I've been rehearsing tonight and during the process of (re)learning a song my confidence went crashing down and then climbed back up again. On the longish drive home an odd mix of Crowded House and Kathleen Edwards songs kept me afloat. I feel strange tonight and not just because of the impending birthday. Up and down goes my confidence and self-worth.

The new album has started selling, which is nice. But I can't listen to it, which is expected. I have, however, just discovered an album of Iranian music called Endless Vision, which is wonderful.