Music update

The new Spingere album, 'Perfetc' is now available at MusicZeit and iTunes (just search for Spingere. iTunes now has both albums but I'm hoping to get the MusicZeit page up to date soon. The album I made for the RPM Challenge is going to be trimmed into an EP and sold there as well.

Now, I promised not to record any of my own music until May. Partly to see what effect that would have and partly to give me a chance to focus on other people's music. So, now I'm playing bass on Russell Kilmister's Eclipse project (Album and shows), bass and vocals for some Bridge Street shows (TBA) and some depping gigs (on bass) in July and, possibly, later this month. At least one of these will be a festival gig. I'll keep you posted.

The new album is starting to sell, which I'm really pleased about, especially as I still haven't done any promo work.


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