The Chiquitita Moment

Yesterday and today I've been getting up to date with dayjob paperwork. Today I also spent a few hours digging the garden and moving turf and topsoil around in a wheelbarrow.

Tonight, I tried to watch Mama Mia on DVD but it only reminded me why I don't like (most) musicals. No subtly, awful shoe-horning of songs into plot, terrible plot and, in this case, a hugely talented cast and beautiful scenery, wasted. Couldn't get past thirty minutes. The Chiquitita moment will live on as an example of brain-numbing awfulness. I shouted out "No!" as Julie Walters sang/spoke the song which made NO SENSE WHATSOEVER!!! Ugh! I need a shower.


nmj said…
I saw Mamma Mia a while back and was surprise that I enjoyed it, I was sure I'd hate it. I think you just can't go wrong with Abba.

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