Musicians are often generous with their talents. I've been delighted this week with the response I got from Gary Willis, bassist from Tribal Tech and a thousand sessions. He is one of those rare bassists whose tone is evident from just a few notes. I enjoy his playing a lot and have, for a year or so been meaning to learn the bass line to a Dennis Chambers track called 'Otay.' It features a wonderful, bubbling intro and I haven't been able to crack it. So, in a moment of inspiration I wrote an email to Mr Willis, only to get a reply a few days later. His main response though was to post a video on YouTube so I (and any other interested parties) could see how it was done. Gary Willis - a star!

I'm usually happy to play bass with whoever asks, if I have time and don't expect the experience to be miserable. I've been asked cover a fellow bassist's gigs and have said yes. But last night I remembered covering in this same band some years ago and being treated coldly by my 'fellow' musos. I wasn't part of their gang, I suppose but in the bands I'm a regular part of we tended to welcome guests. I'm still going to play for them but I feel like my guard is already up, and that can't be good.


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