Back to the (cold) front

Bass, amp and coffee
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Soon (weather permitting) and can get back to playing live music again with some regularity. I now have two recording projects underway. The first one with Johnny Love and friends via the internet (I can't afford to visit Texas just now) which is taking on a new life in this new year. Songs and tunes are forming through the backwards and forwards emailing of parts, with me mostly sticking to bass lines (on fretless and Warr Guitar). I love what I've heard so far.

The second is the latest Spingere solo project which is being built from solo pieces. In theory this will be an album that could be played live - we'll see.

February is coming and that means the RPM Challenge - an album written, recorded and mixed in one (short) month. This year would be my send RPM, if I have the time. I'm thinking of doing something less guitar/bass orientated. One idea is to spend the first half of the month collecting sounds and snatches of music and then using Ableton Live to mix them into something worthwhile later. I have a suspicion that this will end up in unlistenable crap though, and although that's never stopped me before I'd rather like to make some music that doesn't frighten everyone off on the first listen. So maybe it's time to go back to writing songs. Whatever happens I can feel a strong thread of ideas pulling me along, so this should be a good year.

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying the snow. For so many years I've been frustrated at the way it snows and then thaws in a matter of a few days. Now my wish has been fulfilled and we're into the second week of snow and ice. It feels like a proper winter.


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