Bagels and ice-cream

What a wonderful weekend. I quick trip to Oxford to pick up a guitar turned into a full day out with Freya. We went to both music shops on Oxford's Cowley Road, catching up with Gary, Soul Beaver's sax player and all round good person. We failed to buy the right guitar cable at the bigger PMT (Professional Music Technology) which was a shame, but then we had food. Freya and I ate at the bagel shop and after downing a veggy one and a ham one (for me and her respectively) we treated herself to ice-cream. For a two and a half year old she behaved amazingly well. For Freya she behaved even better.

After all this fun we found a playground and had fun on the swings and slides. After all this we went home, cooked dinner (although I did most of the work), brushed out teeth and made up stories before falling asleep. Well, she fell asleep. I went downstairs and played my bass for an hour or so.

It's been a great weekend.


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