Is it Spring yet?

After a busy weekend of catching up with friends and celebrating yet another birthday I'm trying to get on with current musical projects. The Eclipse trio has now completed recording its demo CD (produced, in a fashion, by me). Months of regular playing made the recording a relatively simple process with only two drop-ins for three songs. Having only three instruments to record probably helped too. Now the band has its own PA system gigs should follow soon.

The speech and music project is just awaiting the final voicesand then should be ready to go. I've written some segments which will/should fit around the voices I already have, but with things like this there is always the possibility it will all have to change. There is, as ever, the possibility that it will sound ridiculous and need a major re-think. It is exciting though.

Other musical oportunities - the return of Bridge Street, Soul Beaver and/or a possible third band feel like they are around the corner. MOst of these depend on my ridiculously hard working drummer friend getting back from his adventures with Marillion.

Oh, and there's some news to bring you soon from the world of Spingere. Check back soon.


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