Spingere comes to Bandcamp

All the Spingere albums are now available on Bandcamp. You can get them for a bargain price until the end of March. Spingere is my musical venture which began in the 1990s as a banner for all my odd, sonic experiments. I made three albums which I felt didn't deserve to be released and then, in 1997, made 'Coffee-Housing' as a result of a tortuous year in a new house. Many odd and disturbing noises from next door, sleepless nights and general stress pushed all my musical ideas into a series of increasingly psychotic sounding pieces. the opener is quite jolly (once you get past the intro) but the penultimate track is something of a nightmare. A friend who heard an early copy telephoned to check I was feeling OK. Happily, by the time the album was complete the problems were over.
The next proper Spingere album was 'Perfetc' which has had some of it's birth documented here. It's far more upbeat than 'Coffee-Housing' although still a bit spooky in places. It's also a showcase for my beautiful Warr Guitar.
The other album being flogged off for almost nowt is 'The Best Way Out Is Always Through' which was written and recorded in response the RPM Challenge. This is a short album of, mostly, short pieces. The theme on this release is 'shit, I don't have much time left to get this done'.

I hope you enjoy listening to and maybe even owning this music.


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