Clear Skies

A fab weekend in two parts. Firstly a day out with the family in Oxford’s Natural History Museum, then a picnic in University Parks.

Freya loved the glowing minerals, stuffed Shetland Ponies and, of course, the little shop. Strangely she didn’t seem at all fazed by the gigantic T-Rex skeleton or the collection of tribal masks (which used to freak me out) in the adjoining Pitt-Rivers museum.

The park was lovely. As we had our picnic some university students got their Frisbee caught in the tree near us and an extended comedy (‘How Many Oxford University Students Does It Take To Get A Frisbee Out Of A Tree?’) unfolded. Much good humour, a rugby ball and some choice photographs later the Frisbee was free and we finished our picnic. Duck feeding, cricket watching and quite a lot of walking ensued.

On Sunday I dug the garden. I’m not a gardener. To my dad gardening is one of life’s greatest pleasures. One of my best friends is a professional gardener. Even I like to look at and walk in gardens but really, this felt like hard labour. If I had more money I would hire someone to do the work and spend more time practising double octave runs on the bass.

Meanwhile, although I know many people (including some friends) are stuck in various places around the globe because of an Icelandic Volcano (try explaining that to a two year old) I’ve been enjoying quiet skies.


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