It's a high C!
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Yesterday I remembered that the large Microsoft Word file on my memory stick was not an unfinished novel but a finished one. It only needs some minor revisions before I’d be prepared to let someone read it.

I’m not going to let someone read it though, because it is tripe. What I am going to do is have another go in November (the month of NaNoWriMo) and write something better.

Meanwhile, my friend Hilary is still keen to have your votes for her book (very much not tripe). Go to Once there you can search for her video pitch by name or by using her author id code, which is 2068.

Meanwhile, there is music in the air. Having played an acceptable soundscape in a recent rehearsal with the trio I’ve now changed how I want to structure it. The joy of improvised music is, of course, that no one will know what I’m up to until I do it.

As well as my usual late night bass and touch guitar sessions I’ve been inspired by a Mr Gunn of Seattle to master an Arvo Part keyboard piece. If all that wasn’t enough Freya now has a recorder. Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!


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