The Island of the Day Before

How taking a moment to appreciate Umberto Eco. I’ve read almost all his novels (apart from his most popular story, The name of the Rose, oddly) and I’m currently a fifth of the way through ‘The Island of the Day Before’. In theory this writing is too rich and dense. There are so many ideas both literary and philosophical, that you shouldn’t have room to breath. Also, it’s in translation, which with anything more complex than Ladybird Book 1a can cause problems.

But despite all this I’m having a wonderful time reading and imagining along with Eco’s framed story of a man seemingly castaway at sea and then cast up on an abandoned ship. In the first hundred pages I’ve witnessed a metaphor machine, inspired speeches, battles, loss and mystery.

All I need now is more time to sit and read.


Will Lukazi said…
seu blog é um educado tapa de luva nos conceitos alheios...muito bom....ja to oportunidade visite o meu

grande abraço..

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