Yesterday was a Monday and I noticed on Twitter that the hashtag ‘hatemondays’ was trending. Sorry, if you’re not interested in Twitter, most of that won’t make any sense.

Anyway – many people, it seems, don’t like, in fact actively hate Mondays. I felt sad about this as it meant a lot of folks actively hate a seventh of their lives, at least. I started yesterday in good spirits and was enjoying the more positive aspects of my dayjob.

But then it started going wrong. Someone came into my classroom and asked if I was ok. I told them, yes, I was fine. Then, an hour or so later, someone else asked if I felt alright. They couldn’t tell me exactly why they were concerned but obviously I was giving off signs of someone feeling less than happy with their place in the world.

Was I though? By mid-morning my mood was dropping through several layers of confident into a sort of sub-basement of, not depression, but something like it.

I went home in the early evening and after saying goodnight to my children and wife, sat in the front room feeling flat. Nothing, not even music, could pull me out of it. I said out loud, “Monday has defeated me.” The I went to sleep.

Today (Tuesday) is a new day and everything is good. No one is concerned, I feel fine and whatever Monday’s influence was has dissipated. Do I hate Monday’s? No, of course not. But I will be watching out for them.


Well, whatever day is the start of the work week is probably the day most people hate/dislike. While I hate no day in particular, I'm usually off on Mondays.

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