Poser? Moi?
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I had a strange, retro eating experience today. On impulse I went with the family to a Pizza Hut. I haven't been to one since 1994. Pizza Hut used to be the place I would use as an easy feeding station when I lived in Germany. The menus were in English, the staff all spoke English and every Pizza Hut looked the same. This wouldn't normally appeal but on the occasional day when I was feeling low and just a tiny bit homesick it was almost comforting.
I never felt homesick, truthfully. But I did get low. Low from loneliness.
Today though I went with wife, daughter and son. The food hadn't changed much (except I don't remember being able to get a thin crust pizza before) and so I had sensory memories triggering the loneliness of the long distance suit salesman stuck in a newly welcomed city, but also the realities of excited three year old, baby boy and a wife with her own memories (separate form mine) of ancient Pizza Hutting.
My daughter, who is more perceptive than I am, enjoyed many parts of the visit but was, overall, underwhelmed - being more interested in her new Tinker-bell costume.
There's a lesson here somewhere.


lani said…
woow, u haven't had pizza since '94 ... that's long
Will said…
Ah, not quite. I hadn't been to a Pizza Hut since 1994. Since then I've lived in Italy and got used to more authentic pizzas. I love a good pizza!

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