This weekend I got a chance to catch up with old friends, watch my daughter have fun with her oldest pal and take the train to Exeter to enjoy the delights of Manson's Guitar Shop. It was a fabulous weekend.

Last night I went to Oxford with my great pal, Russ. We had a bite to eat and then enjoyed the wonderful madness that is Zappa Plays Zappa. Frank's son has taken his dad's music out to an appreciate audience. I'm a long time fan of this stuff but my pal had only just heard his first FZ album a few weeks ago.

We were treated to all of the (') Apostrophe album and many, many treats from Frank Zappa's immense catalogue. They played City of Tiny Lites, Montana and Muffin Man, as well as about ten other insane, complex and fun tunes. I was impressed by every member of the band but (of course) kept noticing the work of Pete Griffin, ace bassist. It was good to have such an amazing band playing in Oxford. I assumed I would get to see the gig and be home much earlier than I would if it had been in London. But no, I got home at exactly (to the minute) the same time I did from the Ronin gig in London two weeks ago.

Now, to the woodshed.


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