DIY, but quickly

A band I play in, The Eclipse Trio, has been trying to record an album for the last few years. Things keep getting in the way and recently there's been a feeling that we've lost our momentum. In a chat with the singer/guitarist this weekend a new idea emerged. Make a fresh, new album of songs that relate to a book he's published. We had performed many of them at a gig last year which had been called with very little rehearsal time. We responded to the challenge by pulling it all together and playing well.
This new idea got a boost when we decided to just get on a record it in a rough and ready way (16 track machine, home studio, several songs at a time) in a very limited time frame. Bingo! The momentum was back.

In other news, I need to let the world know that I've completed a DIY task which only took four years. Of course what that really means is three years and several hundred days of putting it off followed by a burst of enthusiasm almost matched by ability. I was on such a roll I did another DIY job straight after then made a modification on one of my basses which also involved a drill, some matchsticks and a small block of ebony.

The other thing I learned from all this much put off DIY business is that... I'm not very good at DIY. Check back in a few years to see what I do next.


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