Here’s an odd moment. I’ve been at the day job for the last week and I’m still half way through recovery time for my knee (see self-indulgent posts below). Climbing stairs has been something I’ve had to be careful about since the op. I have to lead with the good leg going up and the bad leg coming down (“heaven going up, hell coming down,” as a friendly medical person told me) and take it all, literally, one step at a time.

As I’ve been following this advice for nearly four weeks it has become second nature to me. Today I decided to walk down the stairs normally. But, at first, I couldn’t remember what the ‘normal’ way was. Right foot down, then left…no wait, left leg goes two steps down… or does it? I hobbled back a step and tried again. After a few weird moments I remembered the sequence and tried again. Right sequence, wrong idea. Much pain and a message to my brain from my knee that translated as, “You idiot! Wait until you’re properly better.”

Part of my upcoming holiday plans involved climbing Mount Snowdon. Hmmm, might have to rethink that one.


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