I'm sitting here with my leg up, resting after my first day back at the dayjob since the operation, and I notice that I still haven't posted about the relatively recent Stickmen gig in Islington.

So, here it is.

I drove into London after work and, thanks to the terrible traffic, missed any chance of getting some food before the gig. I was expecting Gavin Harrison's band to be on first but was delighted to find Stickmen on instead. The band is made of Tony Levin (my bass playing hero), Pat Mastelotto (the most inventive drummer in the world) and Markus Reuter (one of the most inventive musicians and composers around). I expected a lot and got a lot. They played a storming set without ever giving the impression of showing off. Actually the word that loomed largest during the set was 'fun'.

If the amazing music wasn't enough I finally got to meet my ePals, Lee and Lisa Fletcher. How wonderful to meet someone you've known virtually for so long and feel glad that the 'real' person more than matches up to the virtual version.

After the Stickmen set was over I met Markus and his wife Rene. I also briefly met Pat Mastelotto, Jakko Jakszyk and realised that the people who looked like Bill Bruford and Steven Wilson were indeed Billy B and the Porcupine tree main man.

But despite meeting and chatting with this wealth of talented and lovely people the special moment for me, as a bassist, was to have a few minutes with Tony Levin, the emperor of bass guitar.




 Rene, Lisa and Lee

 Some bald bloke and Markus

 One of these bass players is much better than the other

To say the evening left me feeling inspired would be a huge understatement.


Lee Fletcher said…
It was equally great to finally meet the 'non-virtual' you Will :-) Let's not leave it so long until the next time...
Will said…
Couldn't agree more.

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