Freakin Disco

It's been nearly two weeks since my knee operation. Everything has been going really well and then John Schofield messed me up.

I'll explain.

I was making bread in the kitchen with both children close by. I need music to cook or bake so I put on the John Schofield album 'Up All Night'. The very funky track, 'Freakin Disco' came on just at the moment my son started crying. I picked him up and to cheer him up started dancing. The part of my brain that should have told me to stop was listening to the bass line.

While performing an extremely cool shuffle all my weight came down on my right leg. Boom! Lights in front of my eyes and a swift returning of the boy to the floor and I was ready to limp back to the sofa. Ow, ow, ow, ow!

Of course I had to finish the bread, so I put the beautiful ECM album, Nuove Musiche by Rolf Lislevand on.



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