Music (or not)

4th November 2012 by WJCruttenden
4th November 2012, a photo by WJCruttenden on Flickr.
I have reached one of those very rare times where, despite my best intentions, I can't get out and play music. The situation with my parents has become so complex that there just aren't enough hours in the day to spare for anything other then keeping them afloat while trying to do the same with my owqn family. J has been working ridiculously hard to help and has been doing the majority of the work while I'm away at the dayjob. In an ideal world I would take a few weeks off and sort things out myself, but that just isn't possible.
So, one of the most exciting and potentially rewarding musical projects I have ever been involved with will have to stand idle, possibly at the risk of never restarting. This might sound trivial, but this particular musical adventure had felt like the thing I should have been doing my whole life.
But somethings have to have priority. Giving my dad a respectful end of life, making sure my mum is safe, these things have to come first. With luck, I can do both of these and get the music back on track.


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