November is almost closed and it’s time for a quick update.

My dad is still able to talk and have lucid conversations about pretty much anything. However, the cancer has now spread and is causing more pain. The logical outcome of this is more powerful pain killers and so, less of my dad’s personality to interact with. The other possibility is that his heart is going to feel it’s had enough and stop.

On my last visit he was sleeping, which he’s doing a lot more of, so the conversation was a little one-sided. In our family we have always tried not to let the sun go down on an argument. Now, I find myself thinking I had better not leave without saying a real goodbye.

But, of course, people can surprise you. It’s not impossible I will still be writing maudlin posts like this next year. We’ll see.

As far as music goes, everything is still on hold, although I have managed some practise and even a demo, of sorts. There is a writing project that is fourteen pages from completion though. If I get any time later tonight I’ll write like fury then find a way to make it available.


hectoria said…
Thank you for sharing these precious moments.
Will said…
Thank for reading. I'm looking forward to writing more positive posts soon.
Lee Fletcher said…
V-sorry to hear how things are Will. Hang on in there x

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