End of October

Tonight is Halloween, my least favourite holiday. Why is that? Probably because I'm not one for dressing up. Halloween still has the feeling of an event we were tricked into taking part in. I do enjoy bonfire night though. Imolating a terrorist in effigy - what's not to love. Also, the food is better than what you get for Halloween. November should be an interesting month. NaNoWriMo starts first thing in the morning (where did I put that plot?) and the Eclipse Trio album will be released. It will appear on Bandcamp first, then iTunes.Bandcamp really is the business for releasing music but, sadly, it's not as well known as iTunes. You'll be able to buy CDs(with a free download) or just the download through Bandcamp. There's a beautifully produced PDF liner note booklet with the album too. We are still planning a launch party and some follow-up gigs. My other band is making good progress (although we're still looking for an electric violinist) and the Spingere EP might just get finished this side of Christmas (despite me promising it for Summer). There are upcoming problems with family and ongoing ones with the neighbours to deal with too. It feels as if every second on every day is spoken for. It's a good job I like being busy.


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