It's NaNo Time!

November is approaching and, although my life is as jam packed with busy important stuff as everyone else, I’m going to enter NaNoWriMo again. For the uninitiated (and those who couldn’t be bothered to click the link back there) NaNoWriMo is a novel writing competition which gives you all of November to write a 50,000+ novel. The idea is write, don’t revise. This works extremely well with me. If I revise as I go, I don’t get anything finished.

So far I’ve completed two novels this way and been marginally proud of them. The reason for taking part, for me, is that I stretch my writing muscles more and I get something at the end of it. If I don’t get the Big Important Novel this time it will at least be the Novel On The Way To The Big Important Novel. Which is just as good.

You aren’t allowed to start writing the novel until Novermber 1st but you can plan. This year I’m using some chance operation techniques to provide creative constraints. This might sound like pretentious wankery but it does help provide a structure which, if pushed, I can always ignore.

As with previous years, I don’t have enough time to do this, no one will read it and it won’t change anything in the outside world. But I’ll do it anyway.


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