March is almost over and I’ve hardly blogged at all. It has been a month of serious highs and lows. The lowest low is the discovery that Jude has a serious nut allergy. We are all still learning how to cope and what to do about his condition. He has an appointment with a specialist so we can narrow down the things that might harm him. In the mean time he’s carrying on being a normal boy of his age. He’s loud, playful, silly and occasionally demanding. Freya, meanwhile, is reading every book she can lay her hands on and becoming more interested in science.

For the past week though we’ve all been sick. It was noticeable how bad tempered I was over the last weekend and it was put down to lack of sleep and the stress that comes with Jude’s news, the neighbour problem, work and all those other things that catch up with you. Of course, I was also just being grumpy. But by Monday the colds kicked in for J and I, then Freya got sick at school and Jude came down with a fever. The neighbours continue to taunt us with their music and now they have a new car with an alarm that goes off randomly through the night.

But, some good things are happening. I celebrated my 50th and stretched the occasion out over a few weeks. The other weekend I met a few close friends at a pub with amazing food and we spent some time catching up. I decided against a big birthday party mostly because big parties just aren’t my thing. There are certainly loads of great friends I would have invited but it just didn’t feel like the right thing to do.

I’m going to post separately about a few other updates although if you’re following this thread I’m now up to 30 things on my ’50 at 50’ list.


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