The one thing I wanted to improve this year was photography. I started a 365 project again as that always seems to help. I also have plans to get hold of a rangefinder style camera to see if that helps with my desire to take better street photography. I love my DSLR but it’s just too big and noticeable.

I have fallen in love with a camera I will almost certainly never own. It is far too expensive and since I can barely save money for the household bills, it’s going to be a pipe dream. Unless, of course, I come up with a cunning plan. The camera in question is the Leica Monochrom and it’s possibly one the most mad and wonderful cameras ever made.

Not wanting to sound ungrateful, I have been having plenty of fun with my trusty Nikon DSLR. I’ve shot a portrait session using the diffused light of an overcast day to good effect. I’ve also started to get used to its new 35mm (50mm full frame equivalent) lens.

Despite all this talk about gear I’m still more interested in improving my skills with what I have. I don’t need a Leica or any other rangefinder. I’m lucky to have the camera I do have and there’s a way to go before I can be happy with the majority of shots I take.

Blurry children taken on a home-made pinhole camera.
On a side note, I recently built a pinhole camera and have just received the first roll of film back. All the shots are blurry, partly because of my shaky hands and partly because… well, it’s a pinhole camera and I didn’t know what I was doing. There’s no lens, folks! He’s an example. With the help of a lot of gaffer tape and a tripod I hope to improve.


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