Insert Oud Pun Here [ ]

While the Eclipse Trio take a break until we start work on our next album, my pal Russell Kilmister and I have been slowly writing and recording tunes for acoustic guitar and oud. It’s possible I’ve posted this before but we’re now, still, in the last stages of the writing/recording process and hope to soon move on to editing, mastering and releasing these tunes.

Once the songs are complete these final stages shouldn’t  take too long as all the recordings are direct, two track with no overdubs. At least none yet. The idea was to create music that could be played without any additional fuss or for that matter, electricity. Aside from a collection of double bass and guitar recordings on cassette my friend Mark Allcock and I made many years ago, this would be my first all acoustic project. Of course, with electricity we wouldn’t have been able to record these new songs at all, so I’m not getting too snotty about it.

Expect more news, and maybe one of the tunes, soon.


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