Music: Part 314

The summer is always a difficult time for the band as we all go our separate ways on holiday. In the last few weeks we had an instrumental only rehearsal as Emma went off to France. It should have just been the three remaining members of the band but, due to a work emergency, I brought my six year old son with me. He spent the whole rehearsal playing on an old PSP or reading his magazine while wearing professional ear defenders. Despite not having a key member of the band there we did flesh out some new tunes and, of course, make serious changes to a piece and create new, tricky arrangements.

On the way home from the rehearsal my son was singing the melody to one of the night’s songs. Much later, while we were on holiday the iPod randomly played the rehearsal recording of the same tune and he immediately recognised it. I’m seeing that as a good sign. While coming down the hillside of Corfe Castle my daughter also started singing a part of our song, Running Down Hill Again. If only I could get people I’m not related to do this (sing the song, not slide down… oh, you got that).

The pedal board is looking ready for a change too. I have no more room for pedals but that’s to a clever hack by my pal and guitarist, Richard, I should be able to squeeze in an Electro Harmonix Micro Synth and a Bicycle delay from Caitlinbread. And if that’s left you none the wiser I’ll post videos when I finally sort this all out.

Luckily, we should all be back in the same room soon and able to prepare the next batch of songs.


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