Weddings, petals and eight days of music

Eight weeks to the wedding. I've decided to turn this blog into a wedding countdown area. No wait, that shouldn't be too bad as it is not supposed to be a conventional wedding. There shouldn't be any tales of picking out colours for themed clothing, or who to put on the guest list. We picked only the very closest friends and family, thereby alienating almost everyone else we know. The good news is that we're having a party for the others so they can drop hints about not being invited to the wedding.
Anyway, the countdown begins, I still need a job and somewhere for the cat to live while we're away.

Non-wedding news
Has anyone else been driven nuts by 'Petals around the rose' recently? The are brain teasers and then there are things like this.

The new project is putting all my Cds onto a separate hard drive to produce Will's Enormous Jukebox. This is a jukebox that, statistically, will probably reward you with some Zappa or Miles Davis. My iTunes library is now up to eight days of music.

OK, I know this is getting nerdy and self-indulgent - but it's my blog for goodness sake!

Current listening: Butch & Butch by the Keith Jarrett trio


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