We planned to have our own mini Glastonbury yesterday. Nora Jones was performing at Althorp Park so we bought tickets, made up a picnic and locked ourselves out of the house and car before we even got going.

Thanks to understanding neighbours and help from our landlord's son we were off again after only an hour or two's delay. As it transpired this worked in our favour, as we did not have to spend those hours stuck in a queue of traffic.

Heavy wind and rain tried to put us off, well alright, tried to put me off. The corporate nature of the 'shops in tents' was rather galling too. However, the support - Amos Lee - and Nora with her Handsome Band were excellent.

I was pleased that the live versions of her songs brought out an edge that I hadn't heard on record. Great playing from all concerned and our little candle collection burned brightly through the night.

Getting out was, of course, a nightmare. Hundreds of cars all trying to get out of one exit and an otherwise cheerful and positive crowd showing their grumpy, pushy side. After what could only been a day or two we were back on the road and heading home.



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