Bob Dylan

Date: 2004-06-13 20:08:33 +0100
Topic: Bob Dylan

I'm slowly getting into Bob Dylan's music. A friend at university had
recommended 'Blood on the tracks' as a starting point. I bought the CD,
listened, didn't like it, put the CD away, turned forty, started
listening to Neil Young, had a chat with a friend about Dylan and
thought "hey, what about 'Blood on the tracks', maybe it's time to
listen again."
It was. I love almost all of it. I'll try to find my old vinyl copy of
'Bringing it all back home'.

What worries me is that there might be something genetic about turning
forty and then doing the washing up to Dylan and Neil Young. I'll put
the Wiretapper 11 CD on from this month's Wire ( magazine to balance
things out.


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