Seven weeks and one day (and some penalties)

A terrible night last night. As soon as it became obvious that the England football team were going to face a penalty shootout I should have turned off the television and got back to adding Beatles albums to my enormous jukebox project.

It was certainly a night of contrasts. I sat mute for the last half hour, biting my hand and rocking backwards and forwards like a vegetating animal in a badly maintained zoo. Jenna, in order to bring balance, got in touch with her inner hooligan and enjoyed periods of swearing and dancing around the room in a lively but dangerous fashion.

The cat took great umbrage at our lack of attention in her, even resorting to bringing in a mouse during the penalties.
Both survived.

In the non-football world it seems that cake makers and flower arranging people are being readied. I, as you might imagine, have had nothing to do with this. Although, as the countdown continues I am starting to think about how to spend the hours before the ceremony. Squash games, coastal walks and full on panic counseling have been features of friends' pre-wedding hours.

The last thing to comment on today is that the England rugby side are playing Australia and Tim Henman faces a chap called Ivo Heuberger. As I'm writing this the match is in progress, with Tim one game up in the first set (it's 6-5). It seems Tim lost his serve after double faulting in the first set. No tension there then.

Time to get back to work.


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