A general sense of d'oh!

Only a few days into the new year and already SDI's (small domestic incidents) are appearing. On Sunday afternoon the power in the house went out. I checked the fuses and looked outside, somehow convincing myself that half the village was out too. We spent the night with candles, camping stoves and, some self improvement on the chess board. It reminded me of the 1970's when the strikes would plunge our house (and pretty much every other house) into darkness. I loved it then and, truthfully, it caused me no grief this time.
What did cause me some grief was when, the following day I found another trip switch that I hadn't spotted before. I flicked it on and... back came the power. D'oh!
A whole fridge full of food was ruined and so I went out to get fresh supplies. Being the last night before returning to work I picked up some pizzas (they should always be a treat) and, on returning, spent some idle moments waiting for the oven to heat up while reading an inspiring interview with Pat Metheny. I say idle moments but it was quite a long time before I got suspicious and opened the oven door to find it stone cold inside. Presumably this was the culprit for last night's electric blow-out.
Grilling pizza's does not work, by the way. And being good at chess is obviously not always a guarantee of great intelligence.

This morning I drove to the wrong town for our staff development day. Since then everything has been going well.


Don Q. said…
Came across your blog while searching on "chess improvement", my current will exercise. Very funny. To you have an archive? I'd like to read from the start.

Note that while you cannot grill pizzas it may be possible to cook them with an iron if you make extensive use of the steamer.

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