Good coffee... but still bad chess

I rediscovered the joys of a seriously good walk yesterday. We tried out our new boots on a mix of terrain, feeling slightly against the clock as we set off late and only had a few hours of daylight.
Many fields, trees, muddy puddles and closed pubs later we finished.
By the time we had cleaned our boots a local pub was open and we celebrated with a meal and some beer (the oven at home is still broken).

This morning, aching and taking it easy, I lay in bed reading a National Geographic article on coffee. The good news (for me) is that it doesn't dehydrate the body as much as I thought. this could mean the end of my 'one cup on gig days' rule. Thus allowing me to be a bit more awake when we start playing - meaning I might even start all the songs in the right key. Here's hoping.

Having picked up some inspiring vibes from chess fiend and fellow Dante fan Don I have started taking my chess improvement a bit more seriously. Quite why it should work this time I have no ideas. I have no more spare time than before, in fact I've a lot less. I do feel motivated to get past that stage of feeling reluctant to play anyone other than close friends or computers though. Of course, I could always drink a lot more coffee in the evenings.


Don Q. said…
Sadly, reading the Purgatorio has been on my to do list for 20 years. Maybe after I finish the chess thing ...

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