Oh great, paperwork.

It's been a very busy week.

Work has been frantic. On Thursday night I was there until eight, then drove home and worked on essay marking and lesson planning for a few hours. Zoned out on coffee I looked over at the tiny pink plastic clock that perches on the CD burner and it said 1:20 am. This sort of thing happens far too often and is exacerbated my me never remembering to time my shots of espresso. This always results in my being tired through the last hour of work and then totally unable to sleep for the next three hours.

The following day I promised myself an early and trouble free night, but could not resist keeping busy. Worryingly, sleep started catching up with me on the drive home from picking up the Indian takeaway. No crashes and no indigestion though, so something went right.

On Saturday Richard Guitarist and I went on a trip to London. We spent pretty much the whole day in Denmark Street, looking at guitars and effects. I'm having a change with my musical gear so this was practical chance to try out new things.

So, some good and bad things:
On the good front I have a new Ashdown amplifier to replace the increasingly eccentric Trace Elliot head that powers my bass sound. Also, I get to try a Boss multi effects unit, which should be more practical than the Bass Pod I have used up until now. On top of all this Richard Guitarist has asked me to be his best man when he gets married in May. I took this as a huge honour and look forward to the big day when I get to see two really good friends tie the knot. So long as I don't lose the rings.

On the bad front (should that be bad side - no, I'm going to be consistent) I have received praise twice tis week for my paperwork. Normally praise is a good thing but look up at the top of this blog... yes, "... one man's attempt to not be remembered for being good at paperwork." Dammit! I want praise for something - anything other than paperwork!

On balance though a tiring but exciting week. The next two weeks are going to be filled with college inspections, band rehearsals, birthday meals and maybe even some sleep.


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