Friday night

On Monday I went to the hospital and had it confirmed that the bits of face were 'non-serious lumps.' That's obviously not the technical term but all I can remember. Oddly, the toilets at the infirmary were lit with a strong blue light. Very hard on the eyes and just a little disconcerting.

On Tuesday we rehearsed the band and for the first time ever my bass fell off its strap, landing on the shiny new pedal board. Everything seems to have survived but there is a whacking great (OK, quite small) ding in my bass now. I'll be buying straplocks tomorrow.

I hesitate to write about work, after all the blog stooshing going on. However, things are busy, observations are coming up and I have the best students in the world.

I was wondering how to top last year. I mean, how do you top turning 40 in Paris, getting married and having plastic surgery? Let's see what I can come up with.

Current listening: Sleeping in a jar - Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention


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