Problems with getting online are now fixed, so I can revel in the comparative luxury of typing my entry on a regular keyboard.

Today Jenna and I could have been watching a rugby match, but events have transpired so that we are still in home territory. This morning, rather than stay in bed, we went for a seven and a bit mile walk in the countryside. Glorious and just what I needed to blow the week's cobwebs away. Not to mention last night's wheat beer and pizza.

I took some photographs, including one of my foot - something I always did when getting to the end of a roll of film and stuck for subject ideas. Why bother photographing my foot with a digital camera, especially with all the lovely scenery around? I have no idea.
Soul Beaver is playing next weekend so I'm going to spend quite a lot of this one catching up on marking essays.

What else; well, my dad celebrated his 78th birthday. I was able to get over to see him and mum. I spent a wonderful evening talking, eating and doing puzzles. A visit to my folks is always a breath of fresh air.

Talking of puzzles I have to warn you about Su Doku. If you haven't come across these number puzzles (in Britain the Times and Telegraph publish them) you can find them at but wait! They are highly addictive. You've been warned.

Or, for Mac users, try this. It's a Su Doku generator (and solver, but where's the fun in that?).


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