Grumpy person speaks

Having posted nothing for days I am gripped by the urge to write something extra, merely on a whim. Jenna and I stayed in last night and watched Top of the Pops for the first time in ages. Tony Christie ('Show me the way to Amorillo') was number one. He seemed to be the only person singing live and possibly the only person with a live band. I can't stand the song, having heard it too many times, but it did stand head and cliche over everything else in the chart.
I don't want this post to be a 'modern music is rubbish' message, but it easily could be.

The reason modern music isn't rubbish is because:

a) so much good stuff exists but is not on the BBC's average playlists (has anyone heard ' Fanes d'automne' by Marsen Jules on Radio 1?

b) the idea of 'rubbish music' is entirely subjective.


Neil And Jack And Me from the album "Neil and jack and Me (Live DVD)" by King Crimson


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