Rose and Crown

A good gig last night at the Rose & Crown in Charlton. With hops on the wall, good beers and food and a friendly landlord the pub was beautiful but tiny; it was like playing in someone's living room (something I've done but wouldn't recommend). The locals were very welcoming though and we had a celebrity in our midst in the form of Steve Hogath.

The first half was rather lacklustre, since we had promised to 'keep the noise down.' You can't play music like this quietly, or rather you can, but it's difficult to put passion into it. Our dynamics suffered and it felt like we were almost apologising, rather than making a statement.

The second half was very different. With the pub full to bursting the audience were louder than we had been, so we turned the volume up appropriately and let fly. Much better! Sweat was raised, dynamics reappeared and the crowd reacted accordingly. It was no longer an apologetic performance.

Emma, our drummer's partner and the singer from Soul Beaver seemed very pleased with the results which, to me, is the sign that we have got something right.

Another big Beaver gig to come and more dreams of my Bass Stick.


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