I noticed there hasn't been much from me recently about music. There is (I think) just one Soul Beaver gig in July. Bridge Street is on hold as our guitarist moves house. The planned gigs in Egypt will not now happen (for me at least) as I'm probably going to be moving house as well. Despite all this lack of activity I'm still playing the bass every night. I'm also fooling around with acoustic and electric guitars too. Exercises with the metronome and recording song ideas on Garageband take up most of the time. I'm also bouncing between the four string jazz bass and the fretless five string; this is making me feel confident enough to move between the two.

In the meantime I'm counting the weeks until my Stick arrives. Its linear markers (the Stick equivalent of dot markers) are in different places to where you would expect them on a bass or guitar. In fact the only common currency between Stick and bass is that they are tuned in fourths. Having the markers in a different place means I find myself doing mental exercises (mostly while waiting to sleep) where I play though bass lines I know well but on the new territory of the Stick's fretboard.

I'm looking forward (understatement of the year) to finally getting my hands on this thing and trying out all the ideas that have been buzzing around my head this past year.

In other news my head injury (it now looks like I have a zipper installed on my cranium) has caused smiles all round. This makes me feel the pain of the accident has been balanced out.


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