More music (and a lot of talking)

Live 8 happens today. I'll be home to watch (while doing other things) and will, no doubt, be comparing it to Live Aid. Lots of music, played live in a good cause - what could be bad about that?

Last night I got to go to Oxford for the first time in (what feels like) ages. Living in a village makes someone like me appreciate, even more than I already did, the multicultural nature of the town. I spent most of the evening in Borders, which in Oxford has an eclectic mix of customers and staff - people who look like they might be slightly out of place in anywhere more conventional. And yes, I know, Borders is corperate and conventional, but it's also a big room with books, coffee, interesting people and a special atmosphere, which is why I keep going back.

My visit last night also gave me the chance to catch up with an old friend. We talked about jobs, books, music, films, family and the joy of electronic toys. With 36 years experience of talking to each other our talks have become strange, labyrinthian things. Such was my level of coffee intake though that I found sleep quite hard and have been up since six this morning listening to BBC Radio 3's Mixing It on the PowerBook.


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