Sunday all over the world

Today has been an antidote to the rest of the week. It's a sunny day and, rather than tidy the house, we got out to visit Coleshill (the place where our organic veg comes from) and then Buscot. The Buscot fete was on and featured a silver band playing a medley of Beatles songs as George Martin looked on. J and I visited the gardens of Buscot Park which had some high quality cake in the cafe.

I've just made some bread and have been playing through some old songs on the bass. There's a Soul Beaver rehearsal on Tuesday night and I'm looking forward to playing with other people again. Last night we went to the wedding of one of J's friends. There was a four-piece band there; very tight with an interesting range of songs. They were so slick though that there wasn't any soul (to my ears). Maybe it was just that I'd heard those songs covered so many times before and in the same key, with the same arrangements. Having said that, the band looked happy to be doing it. While making bread I put on a Branford Marsalis track (In the Crease) which blew all the musical cobwebs away.


Rj said…
I'm gonna get a hold of ya yet! Once again - the crazy american dude is stalking you on the net...


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