Houses and holidays

I had a call last night from a very good rfiend who I had somehow not talked to for over a year. We had a good chat, caught up and promised not to leave it so long next time. Summarising the past year reminded me of all the good things that have happened recently and, possibly, there might be another to add to the list. J and I have found a(nother) house we like and are in the middle of an attempt to buy it. In our typical fashion we are going on holiday tomorrow, but in the knowledge that there isn't much more we can do while we're gone.

Keep checking the blog over the next few weeks. I hope to post some pictures from our journey (probably from the phone as I don't know how to get the camera to talk to 'strange' computers yet) and if it doesn't rain every day the scenery should be rather wonderful.

The title of today's entry links to an interesting piece from Chris at the Yellow Box. Have a read and remember... vote Eugene!


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