Chilling at the Ceilidh Place

We've settled in at the Ceilidh Place and have banished the horrible memories of dodgy pizza and smelly rooms. Our room here is rather lovely and (if it weren't for a couple of trees) has a great view over the loch. Having accidentally wiped the email address that lets me blog photos from the phone I am now back and ready to pester you all with grainy pictures taken by a shaky camera phone. Decent pictures will get up loaded when we get back.

In a change of plans we're not going to Edinburgh but will continue the chilling out process here when we get back from Harris. There is no shortage of events and happenings here, but frustratingly, there are no music events at the Ceilidh Place's own venue this week. Luckily for me J makes her own music wherever she goes.

More soon.


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