Weekenders & more Stick news

It's been a wonderful weekend. Stayed at Brough Towers where we were treated to fine food and extended conversations about Chick Corea (what was his band's name?). Plenty of inspiring ideas were conceived for the new Cruttenden home, most of them of a musical nature I admit.

Came home to find local cottages smoldering. Five homes, two of them only recently moved into, had caught alight in the early hours of Sunday and the village green was swarming with fire engines, tents and concerned villagers. J and I counted our blessings and went for a long walk in the woods.

Two new musical projects. I have a rehearsal tonight playing (I'm told) a cross between Tom Waits and Chris Rea in a jazz style. In December, thanks to Andy C, I'm part of the house band for Ash Bash 2; Simon Ash's drum clinic end of term event. Rehearsals for the new extended Bridge Street should start soon and Soul Beaver will be learning some new tracks from next week.

The Stick? Well, I'm writing this from my parents' house and the delivery is imminent. I've tracked the package to a town about half an hour's drive away and the UPS site says it has gone out for delivery. Have decided not to call the instrument Godot after all, as pedants (of whom I'm one) will point out that Godot never turns up. I had been toying with a few ideas but have now settled on Virgil, the poet who guides Dante through Hell and then up Mount Purgatory. And yes, Virgil was also one the clunky puppets in Thunderbirds. Maybe I'll call it Bob.

So the naming of things has been (almost) settled. The next question is - can I play the thing?


Don Q. said…
What about Beatrice?

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