Stick updates

A breakthrough. I took the Stick along to a freind's house last night. He played acoustic guitar and I accompanied. At first (after the usual "what the hell is that" questions) I made an embarassment of mistakes. Most of these caused by my brain (still) not getting the difference between 'ordinary' fret markers and the Stick sytle linear markers on fourths. On bass when someone calls 'G' I know where to put my fingers without thinking. On this instrument I'm not yet on automatic.

Anyway, after twenty minutes of sounding terrible the veil lifted, inspiration struck or, more as is always more likely, I stopped trying so hard. I stopped being a bassist and began playing lines above and below my friend's guitar work. This was much better.

While he made coffee I turned on my pedal board's humble looping patch and produced some pretty decent groves. Guiatr friend comes running back in at the sound and we jam over the loops.

Now, on Saturday I'm playing with two very serious and highly talented musicians. Do I have the nerve to bring the Stick. Oh yes.


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