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This has been an odd week. J and I have not been feeling fully fit and so energy levels have been low. Despite that we have started packing up our possessions for the house move. We haven't done nearly enough considering how soon this is happening, but I can now see (nearly) all my CDs in two (very large) boxes. Packing the books up is going to be harder as I keep accessing them for the day job. Today we went to Cardiff to see sister-in-law, who has kindly given us her old washing machine. We finished our marathon driving session today with a trip to the characterful 'Peppers' in Oxford. I had a vegetarian half pounder burger with horseradish sauce and all the extras. It was fabulous but if I ingest anything more fattening than air it'll all be over.

The other odd thing this week was my saying goodbye to my double bass. It is now the guest of a music workshop where it should get a lot more use. I haven't played it nearly enough (one gig in five years!) and the new Stick Bass has become weapon of choice; at least at home it has. I've a chance to play the Stick in an upcoming gig and that, my friends, will be a nerve wracking night if I don't feel ready.

But despite the sense and necessity of losing the bass I will missing the beauty of its lines and the sound of its... voice. At least I'll always have the funky nut and bolt bass player sculpture.


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