Slaughters, Wolds and piglets.

Goat 1.JPG
Originally uploaded by Roostar.
We celebrated J's birthday yesterday witha treasure hunt in the morning then a trip to a rare breeds trust. This was her alternative to going to London (not a practical idea at the moment). The rare breeds place was a delight. We walked around the place, feeding little green pellets of (I hope) goodness to the sheep, goats and pigs. The day was further enlivened by the 'escape' of four pigletts who came running at great speed towards us, before turning on a dime and heading back to their mum.

We (J and I, not the piglets) played 'spot the jazz tune' in a cafe in Stow on the Wold, then we had a walk around the wonderfully named Lower Slaughter. A great day out.


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