Funky treats for all

It's been a quiet week in Lake Cruttenden. J is away house sitting for her parents and yesterday was the first chance I've had in the past week to catch up with her. We met in Oxford and I had time to walk through the good, but not fantastic exhibition at MAO.

Band mate, friend and all round good guy Richard Guitarist has a new computer and is enjoying discovering YouTube and MySpace. He has put some funky treats from his past on his own site and I strongly suggest you get over there. I don't think I'll be using the phrase 'funky treats' again though.

This week has been tinged with sadness as both Ian Wallace and Jim Gomez left us. However, there's so much good stuff to look forward to (music, babies, pizza) that it feels right to move on. Now I have to put my head down and plan lessons for next week. Hopefully some news of musicking soon.


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