Music update

I've been having huge fun mixing vocals through a Kaoss Pad and an echo machine. Humming, singing and speaking into a small stereo microphone and then processing the results into a shifting wash of noise was highly rewarding. Of course I didn't tape it but thought I'll try this again with maybe some other processing gear and record the results. Having worked on long form pieces over the last few months I'm producing plenty of short noise-things which I'm not wholly embarrassed of. I don't see this as anything commercial so once I've done some minimal editing I'll post them on on the My Space site. The music in my head is far more structured and, in a few months I hope to start recording and playing some actual tunes. Yes, tunes. Melodies and harmonies and all that.

The excellent Radio Three show 'Mixing It' is about to come to an end. I'm going to put an old track of mine up on the My Space page tonight or tomorrow which features samples from it. Enjoy.


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