More fun in retail

The water in our house is pretty bad. Old, corroded pipes under the house would cost far too much to replace so we decided to get a water softener system that we could plumb in under the sink. The B&Q site showed they had 'low stock' in their Oxford shop so, to be sure, I called them up to check. "We have four of them," said the lady who answered.
J and I drove to the store (a considerable distance from our house) and found, when we got there, that there was only one, of the wrong model, in a box tied with string which, when opened, proved to be missing the instructions. A member of staff checked their computer again. Four items. Hmmm. Where were they then? A rather farcical few minutes then ensued as a member of staff walked around the store staring up at the shelves, trying to locate what was very obviously not there.
J and I went home, adding B&Q to the list of stores we won't be rushing back to.


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